Virtual Open Mic Room

Virtual Open Mic Room hosted by Sidewalk Studio

Virtual Open Mic Room

Open Mic Room every first Monday of the month from 7pm CEST

Every Monday: Virtual Open Mic Room w/ feature artist Nina Duschek hosted by Sidewalk Studio

Location: Open Mic Room @wendy's sphere -

This event is hosted by Sidewalk Studio, the upcoming global platform made up of a team of creatives to provide the community with spaces of self-expression.

We embrace all forms of artistic expression and strongly believe that self-expression and creativity are contagious!

So, we invite you to take a seat near the stage and encourage you, if you’re up for it, to go on stage and share anything with the public.

In order to give an equal amount of space to everyone, there will be a 5 minute limit on the stage. Sign-ups will be at the start of the evening or in between breaks.

Hosts: Adriana Ghimp and Nicole Fersko (founders of Sidewalk Studio).

We are very excited to introduce our first feature artist Nina Duschek!

Nina Duschek is a young singer and songwriter from Italy. She has been busking on the streets for 8 years and has been performing in bars and at festivals in the North of Italy, where she is originally from. She writes her own songs on the guitar and sings and gets inspired by her own inner and outer emotional adventures, talking about love, dreams and the meaning of life. Her aim is to inspire other people by taking them into a new world through her music and by sharing her story. She also has a Youtube channel where she currently uploads her music.


A big thank you goes to for supporting us and providing us with a room @wendy's Sphere on the platform!

If you want to support sidewalk studio's activities we are happily taking any donations on PayPal, thank you!

and follow @sidewalk___studio___ to find out more about our activities and to get all the updates regarding the events <3

Sidewalk Studio is made up of artists, graphic designers, curators, performance artists, poets, illustrators, writers, event organizers, educators, and researchers. It is fertile ground for collaboration and supports the existing network of Sidewalk communities and the ones that are yet to bloom.

Sidewalk was born with the need and desire to create spaces of self-expression where they were lacking.

Sidewalk is a participatory, safe and open space where the line between the stage and the public is blurred.

Sidewalk is a place where all forms of art are welcome and experimentation is encouraged, and where different mediums and artistic languages intertwine and coexist with one another.


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Virtual Open Mic Room hosted by Sidewalk Studio

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