London's Alright Charity Gig

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London's Alright Charity Gig

Ok so for 6 months or so now myself and my mate John of Primas Records have been putting together a compilation CD consisting of 8 superb bands based in London.

These bands include:

  • sugarmonkey
  • Stone Halo
  • The tacticians
  • McGoozer
  • The rebecas
  • Second Sense
  • The transmitters
  • Pure Reason Revolution
This is now complete and ready for Promo release. The idea is to use the CD to promote these great bands and have them heard.

So in correspondence with the completion of the CD we were think about putting on a concert with all of the proceeds going to Cancer Research and The Pilgrims Hospice in Kent.

These charities are fantastic and the work that they do in helping the families and people with cancer is utterly amazing.

This event has not been confirmed as the potential venue is going to require at least 300 people to attend so just now i am provisionally looking for potential numbers to see if its worth organising.

The night is going to be based in London, central in a great venue. 5 of the CDs bands shall play with a great covers band ending the night with some awesome tunes to let you rock the night away...

The potential dates will hopefully be in October or November!

The bands for the evening are still to be announced but if you want to help make a difference and help these amazing charities please indicate that you would look to attend.

Can i alos one more favour, that you invite all of your friends on facebook to this event even if you are not interested, it is important that i get an idea of numbers before we proceed.

Hopefully this can be a success...

Call 07793046926 for details or visit the event sign up page.

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London's Alright Charity Gig Register Your Interest

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