Honeypot Corporate Bowling Challenge

Honeypot Corporate Bowling Challenge Tuesday 9th February 2010

Competition is mounting for the Honeypot Corporate Bowling Challenge as 15 teams from different London City companies return to the Kingpin Suite to see who can bowl the perfect game, ensuring their company wins 1st place in 2010!

Honeypot aims to enhance the lives of children from Britain whose childhoods have been lost due to domestic violence, poverty and/or neglect, or from the every day struggle of being a carer for a chronically sick/terminally ill parent or family member from as young as 5. Honeypot gives these children a chance to be a child again, enabling them to forge new friendships with children who are in similar circumstances and who are from the same local area.

The Honeypot Corporate Bowling Challenge will help to fund nurturing respite breaks at the Honeypot House located in beautiful New Forest, Hampshire, along with long-term support, including regular visits form the Honeypot Playbus. Honeypot can help to provide a foundation from which the children can learn, grow and develop.

Enjoy the tough competition as teams of 4 battle it out to win the prestigious Honeypot Corporate Challenge Trophy to take back to their office with pride!

Teams are signing up for 2010, eager to take the trophy off the current winners. So please contact Jo Rich on 020 7823 2397 or email johoneypot.co.uk to reserve your company place now!

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Honeypot Corporate Bowling Challenge Tuesday 9th February 2010

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